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// DevOps & DevSecOps services

Increase the efficiency of processes
and the quality of solutions

Automate the processes of implementing developed IT solutions at all stages of creation. From software development, to quality assurance, to the maintenance and development of IT infrastructure.

Creant offers DevOps services based on the competences of engineers, experience in automating software development processes, and proven methods such as Continuous Integration / Continuous Deployment (CI/CD), Agile and Scrum.

Our DevOps & DevSecOps services

Infrastructure Redesign

Creant will work to redesign your IT infrastructure through the automation of processes. Such processes include data backups, disaster recovery, remote monitoring and installation, product testing and bug fixing.

Monitoring & Support

Our team will fully monitor all the resources consumed and remaining during DevOps sprints. We will also provide support and administer changes to the DevOps & DevSecOps processes throughout each iteration as we see fit.

Software Testing & Security

Through the adoption of DevSecOps, Creant will establish a security process during development and consistently test for breaches. From there, we will continuously work to create a flawless security system for your software.

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Cloud Backups & Migrations

Storing data and information on the cloud enables your organization to access whatever they need, whenever they need it. This on-demand support will grant you the ability to store and migrate data from any device to any other device.

Audits & Consulting

If your organization has a DevOps and/or DevSecOps process in place, but needs further assistance with properly designing executing it, Creant will be happy to perform an audit and provide consulting services for your company.

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Our DevOps & DevSecOps capabilities

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Cloud Services

Developing software in the cloud is a significant part of DevOps. By using the cloud, collaboration between the developers and the product owners is made easier than ever. Creant performing work in the cloud when acting on behalf of both the development and operations departments.

Professional Software

When it comes to DevOps & DevSecOps, Creant builds software using well-known providers. We develop most of our DevOps solutions using big names such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

Process Automation

Automation plays a key role in DevOps as it reduces the amount of labor required to perform essential tasks. Here at Creant, we create software that will automate many of your organization’s processes so you can focus on the more important aspects of your business.

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Configuration management / Provisioning


Continuous Integration

Virtualization / Orchestration with Docker

Service Mesh

Log management

Package management system